A prestigious and exclusive event complex on the shores of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea Expo Dome a closed and exclusive complex for cultural events, conferences and live performances, will be launched in the Dead Sea from January 2024 and will become the most significant and large cultural point that opens for the first time outside the borders of Israel's central cities.


The Dome, a spacious complex located inside a huge Dome that spreads over 5 dunams, and rises to a height of 20 m in the air. The Dome combines innovation and the most advanced technology with a design concept that is well known in countries around the world and makes the event experience unforgettable with a world standard. The Dome, as its name implies, is a Dome that uses air pressure supplied by huge compressors and rises to a height of 20 m in the air without pillars. The dome is used as an event complex that spreads over about 5 dunams and can hold up to about 5,000 people standing.

Conferences and conventions

Perfect for conferences and conventions, the special structure and height (23 meters) allows planning flexibility and dividing the pedestal into many areas according to the needs of the conference or convention. Permanent equipment in Dome: stage12/10/1.5 standard
Amplification at the highest level
LED screens
Bar facilities
Professional catering services
Adjacent parking
Technical aids for professional conferences

Corporate events

Corporate events Vacation for company employees, fun day, training, do you have an idea? dream? Let us . fulfill it for you! A team of champions, producers at heart, crazy location, pyrotechnics, lasers in short, come fly with us in the air. All services under one roof.


The new Dead Sea Expo Dome will open with an investment of approximately NIS 120 million and revolutionize the mix of guests in the Ein Bokek area and create a perfect connection between breathtaking natural scenery and a quality hospitality experience. The complex will host festivals and performances by the best artists in Israel and the world, social events, parties and more - and will place a spotlight on the many shades of the world of events and culture in Israel.

Adjust the pedestal for you

In the complex one of the most advanced sound and lighting systems in the world, an indoor and outdoor space in first line to the seashore and new air conditioning technology in collaboration with Samsung, which will allow the existence of summer festivals, winter social events, sunrise oncerts and in short - the sky is the limit. The space allows for maximum flexibility in holding events of any kind, prepared to hold several events at the same time and located just minutes from the well-known hotel area.

Dome expo dead sea

The complex will create an accurate, innovative and technological solution for tourism companies, producers of events and conferences, companies in the economy and more that are looking to create an amazing and unforgettable experience for their guests as part of a conference, convention, vacation for employees and more.

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